Meet the Actors: Michael Daly

Up next in our “Meet the Actors” series is Michael Daly.  Michael has been with the Myth Project since the very beginning!

Michael Daly as Father Time in the first Mythology Project.

Name: Michael Daly

How did you get started in theatre?  Windsor summer theater when I was 10 years old. I was cast in a speaking role and got bitten by the theater bug.

Number of years acting: Since I was 10….sooo….30 years.

Number of Mythology Projects you’ve participated in: All of them!

How is this project different from past projects? Past Myth Projects saw the gods and characters interacting with the audience themselves. This year, being a “junk trunk” style show, the interaction with the audience is being done by the troupe (players). It seems minor, but it changes the dynamic of the ensemble quite a bit.

Favorite myth or fairytale (of all time) and why is it your favorite?  Too many favorites. I shall pick one. The Pygmalion myth from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. I have always loved the idea that Pygmalion knew what he wanted despite being told to “settle” on something lesser. He did not waver and sought his ideal. His passion was so moving that Aphrodite herself granted his wish. Which, ironically, also makes Pygmalion a complete hypocrite about renouncing women!

Favorite mythological creature/character of all time and why is it your favorite? The Baba Yaga is a new favorite. Riding a mortar and pestle through the sky while sweeping a broom behind her is a visual I will always love.

Favorite myth in Myth Project 3 and why: Vassilissa.  Unlike Cinderella, Vassilissa truly gets her revenge on the evils of her step-family and the catharsis winds up being much greater.

What’s your super power? Every moment of my life has an associated movie quote, whether people around me understand or not!

Why should audiences come to see the show?  These myths are very human and very dark. They don’t wear kid gloves when making warnings or showing the moral. The darkness of the mythology mixed with the light-heartedness of a troupe of storytellers seemingly “messing around” is a lot of fun and I think audiences will be taken up in that feeling.

One song/sound that captures the essence of Myth Project 3 for you:  Doll Parts by Hole.

Devising is _____: Devising is improvisation inside of a structured idea. To devise, you’re looking for the essence of the story or the point you’re making and wrapping words and actions around getting to that point. Improvisation begins this process, but doesn’t require that there be structure at the end. Devising is the track that keeps improvisation headed toward the common goal of the story structure and doesn’t just result in a punch line.

Thank you, Michael!  The Mythology Project III will be performed August 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday), 2018 at 8PM at the Windsor Art Center, 40 Mechanic St. Windsor, CT!

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