The Mythology Project

Myth Project Collage 2

Fun, innovative theatre that engages the audience and expands the possibilities of theatre in non-traditional performance spaces.

The Mythology Project is a collaboration with actors and writers, led by director Amanda Pawlik, that explores the mythology of different cultures, resulting in an original short play inspired by these stories or the themes within them.

The inaugural Mythology Project premiered at the Windsor Art Center in the summer of 2015 and featured two original plays inspired by the Greek myths Persephone and the Underworld and Eros and Psyche.  The project was supported by a grant from the George A. & Grace L. Long Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Co-Trustee.

Myth Project 2 FB Event
Rehearsal photos from The Mythology Project 2.0 -Norse Mythology. The project premiered August 25-27, 2016 at the Windsor Art Center. Photo credit: Michael C. Daly.

A second project –The Mythology Project 2.0 premiered August 25-27 at the Windsor Art Center.  The Mythology Project 2.0 followed in the first Project’s footsteps while exploring a new mythology -Norse Mythology – and continued to create fun, innovative theatre that engaged the audience and expanded the possibilities of theatre in non-traditional performance spaces like the Windsor Art Center’s gallery.  The project followed a condensed myth cycle, following the Norse gods through Ragnarok, the twilight of the gods.

A third project, focusing on Slavic mythology, premiered in August 2018 at the Windsor Art Center.  This project was supported by a grant from the NewAlliance Foundation.  A fourth project will premiere in 2023 (postponed from a 2020 premiere by COVID-19).

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