Meet the Actors: Nicole Morin

Up next in our Meet the Actors series is Nicole Morin!  Nicole joined the second Mythology Project halfway through rehearsals to fill in for another actor and was amazing! She has been with the Mythology Project ever since!

Nicole Morin (right) plays stepsister Daria with Mason Beiter in Myth Project 3.

Name: Nicole Morin

How you got started acting: Kennedy Jr. High School’s production of You’re Only Young Once

Favorite theatre memory: Playing Susan in Ira Levin’s Veronica’s Room

Number of years acting: 25

Number of Mythology Projects: 2

How is this project different from past projects? I got to participate in the devising process this time!

Favorite myth or fairy tale and why: The She-Wolf, because she plays the long con.

Favorite mythological creature: The Phoenix, because it always comes back.

Favorite myth in Myth Project 3 and why: The Vampire, Marusia has a really good support system (when they don’t die).

What’s your super power: I am a cat whisperer

Why should audiences come see the show: It’s a great chance to learn about mythology they may not be familiar with in a fun way!

Image that captures the essence of Myth Project 3:

Song that captures the Myth Project:

Devising is: So fun and such a great opportunity for improv!

Thank you, Nicole!  The Mythology Project III will be performed August 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday), 2018 at 8PM at the Windsor Art Center, 40 Mechanic St. Windsor, CT!


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