Meet the Actors: Jillian Landolina

Last, but not least, in our “Meet the Actors” series is Jillian Landolina!  Jillian played Hnossa in Mythology Project II (Norse myths) and plays several roles in Myth Project 3!

Jillian Landolina, on bench, rehearses with the cast of Myth Project 3.

Name: Jillian Landolina

How did you get started in theatre?  An ensemble role in a town production of High School Musical at age eight.

Favorite theatre memory (if you care to share!): Directing my first show, Proof by David Auburn, in my junior year of high school.

Number of years acting: Ten.

Number of Mythology Projects you’ve participated in: Including this one, two!

How is this project different from past projects? I feel that we as a cast have taken more risks and have an even more fully-explored show because of it! I think also the acknowledgement of us being a troupe of actors assuming roles adds to the show.

Favorite myth or fairytale (of all time) and why is it your favorite? Any story about humans becoming trapped in a fairy ring or in the faywild. It serves as a reminder that even things that seem innocent, innocuous, or even cute and charming can have a darker edge to them, and on the flip side, empowers innocence and charm.

Favorite mythological creature/character of all time and why is it your favorite? The goddess Artemis! No matter who is telling the story, she is universally recognized as free, powerful, and capable. I find her greatly inspiring.

Favorite myth in Myth Project 3 and why: The story of Inek and the North Wind– I appreciate the message that spunk and resourcefulness will lead to triumph!

What’s your super power? Recalling useless and obscure facts. Possums rarely get rabies because their body temperature is too low for the disease to incubate.

Why should audiences come to see the show?  For the perfect blend of comedy and information, and for a surprise at the end!

One image that really captures the essence of Myth Project 3 for you:

One song/sound that captures the essence of Myth Project 3 for you: Hungry Like the Wolf– Duran Duran

Devising is ________: Devising is theater in its purest form- creative energy flowing between actors and directors until it takes form.

Thank you, Jillian!  The Mythology Project III will be performed August 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday), 2018 at 8PM at the Windsor Art Center, 40 Mechanic St. Windsor, CT!

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