Meet the Actors: Lisa Ives

In the days leading up to opening night, we’ll be taking some time to introduce you to the Myth Project actors!  Next up is Lisa Ives!

Lisa Ives plays the Baba Yaga in Mythology Project III.

Name: Lisa Ives

How did you get started in theatre?  Bucket list item, I am a late starter

Favorite theatre memory: The feelings I had after my very first show.

Number of years acting: 5

Number of Mythology Projects You’ve Participated In:2

How is this project different from past projects? The format is one of an acting troupe putting on a show, with much breaking of the third wall!

Favorite myth or fairytale (of all time)? Hansel and Gretel

Favorite mythological creature/character of all time and why is it your favorite? The Baba Yaga! A powerful, and wise woman who can be both evil and good.

Favorite myth in Myth Project 3 and why: Sadko, it’s a story of rags to riches love and loss, and you aren’t sure how it ends…

What’s your super power? The willingness to act or appear ridiculous.

Why should audiences come to see the show?  Great actors, some laughs, some tears, pancakes!

One image that really captures the essence of Myth Project 3 for you?

Woodcut style image of the hut of the russian witch Baba Yaga standing on chicken feet

One song/sound that captures the essence of Myth Project 3 for you: The Song of Sadko

Devising is ________: like being a kid ,dreaming up anything and everything!

Thank you, Lisa!  The Mythology Project III will be performed August 16-18 (Thursday-Saturday), 2018 at 8PM at the Windsor Art Center, 40 Mechanic St. Windsor, CT!

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