It begins!

Welcome!  And thank you so much for stopping by!  This behind-the-scenes blog is supported by a grant from the NewAlliance Foundation.  Our goal in writing it is to share our process in creating the third installment of the Mythology Project, share some more information about “devising”, and hopefully allow anyone who visits the blog the chance to enjoy the work we are doing, even if they cannot physically make it to the Windsor Art Center for the show (though I hope you will join us!).

The Mythology Project (Myth Project for short) has a rich history, which I encourage you to read more about here.  For a quick crash course: Each installment has focused on creating a new short play inspired by a different mythology.  In 2015, we focused on Greek mythology.  In 2016, we focused on Norse mythology.  This third installment will focus on Slavic mythology. The plays are created from scratch through a process called “devising”, a creative collaboration which we hope to go into more detail about on this blog.  Mark you calendars: the performances will be Thursday-Saturday, August 16-18 at 8PM.

This project is done in collaboration with the Windsor Art Center, a gallery and performance space housed in an 1800’s freight house in downtown Windsor, CT.

Before we dive full into our rehearsals, I wanted to take a moment and introduce some of our key players: Our actors! I am happy to announce that we had a successful round of auditions in May and June and I am delighted to share that the cast for the third installment of the Mythology Project is as follows:

John “Mason” Beiter (Suffield)

Michael C. Daly (Windsor)

Lisa Ives (Bristol)

Jillian Landolina (East Granby)

Nicole Morin (Middletown)

I’ll be directing this awesome group and inviting you along for the ride on this blog.  Stay tuned!

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